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Planner Profile: Liz

Liz Erdmann is a true Midwesterner, growing up and living in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Liz and Jenna met in college and have been friends ever since. Their talk of event planning started while watching Gilmore Girls in their dorm; Liz being the Sookie to Jenna’s Lorelei. Liz has been a part of Jenna Culley Events from almost day one and has loved every part of it. Working as both assistant and lead planner has allowed Liz to learn everything about event planning - from room set up to timeline execution. Liz lives in New Brighton with her husband and two step sons.

Now let's get to know Liz more with a few fun questions.

1. Tell me about your background in events?

I started with Jenna Culley Events part time as one of Jenna’s assistants in 2014 and my dream became reality when I was able to take wedding planning from part time to my full-time job in 2022. I also worked for a few years in event catering at the since shuttered Profile Event Center, where my husband used to be one of the DJs and my brother-in-law was one of the bartenders. I love that event planning satisfies both my analytic side with timeline coordination, planning, and problem solving, as well as my creative and DIY side with event design and set up.

2. What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

This one is hard since there can be so many great ones!  However, I really love it when we have time to do a room reveal of the reception space after the ceremony. The couple have a few quiet moments to themselves, and they get to see their vision and hard work actualized in the event space!

3. What do you specialize in (i.e. budget-conscious couples, event design, DIY, tent weddings, etc.)?

I truly love all types of weddings! What I enjoy most is making each event unique to the couple based on what is important to them.

4. Tell us about yourself (your family, hobbies, etc…)

Hey there! My name is Liz Erdmann, and I'm a Midwest enthusiast through and through. Having spent my entire life in the heart of the Midwest, from the suburbs of Chicago and Milwaukee when I was younger, to embracing the energy of Minneapolis during my college years, I've found my home sweet home in lovely St. Paul.


Currently, I reside in St. Paul with my husband and our fantastic blended family, which includes my two amazing stepsons. Life with them is always an adventure and a healthy dose of chaos!


When I'm not making wedding dreams come true, you can find me indulging in my passions outside of work. Crafting is my ultimate joy, whether it's crocheting cozy blankets, piecing together quilts, or diving into exciting home improvement projects. Recently, I've taken a leap and obtained my Cottage Food License, as I'm on a mission to turn my love for baking into a thriving side business. There's something incredibly satisfying about creating delicious treats from scratch and sharing them with the community.


Our family is deeply involved in all sorts of activities, especially wrestling and golf. Whether it's cheering on the sidelines or shuttling the kids to and from practices, our evenings are always filled with energy and excitement. But amidst the hustle and bustle, I also make sure to carve out time for some much-needed outdoor adventures. Hiking and camping through Minnesota and Wisconsin's State Parks are some of my favorite ways to spend time in nature.


So, that's a glimpse into who I am – a Midwesterner with a passion for family, creativity, baking, and the great outdoors. I'm always up for a chat about anything from the best hiking spots to swapping crafting tips or even sharing delicious recipes.

5. How would you describe your job description?

Multi-tasking professional and miracle worker.

6. What’s your favorite movie related to weddings?

It seems sacrilegious to say anything but The Wedding Planner! However, I love 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and all the chaos and fun that comes with having your family help with your wedding day! I also came from a large extended family, so that part really resonates with me.

7. If you went to happy hour, what drink would you order?

Gin and Tonic in the spring/summer or an Old Fashioned in the fall/winter.


To be sure you can fully enjoy time with your bridal party that day, be sure to also surround yourself with the best helpers - wedding planners! Book your Complimentary Consultation today to find out all of the ways we can be there for you throughout the wedding planning process!

Written by Jenna Culley of Jenna Culley Events

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