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5 Tips for Choosing Your Bridesmaids

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Choosing the gals that stand by your side while you are getting married is a big one. Here's 3 of our top tips for wading through the options:

1. Choose who you love spending time with in this stage of life.

It's so easy to feel like you need to choose your best friend from high school but do you still talk to her regularly? Do you still have things in common? If having your childhood best friend by your side brings you joy than absolutely go for it! If it feels like an obligation, than we recommend avoiding it.

2. Just because you were in their wedding doesn't mean they have to be in yours.

This goes back to the obligation comment we just made. above and, honestly, all it does is cause resentment throughout the planning process. It's ok if you were one of their tops picks but they're not one of yours. You may be like the gal from 27 dresses who's the life of the party and so fun that a lot of people have asked you to be in their wedding! It doesn't mean you also need the line of girls in multi-colored dresses behind you.

3. Let's hear it for the boys and include them in the mix of who to choose from!

Not all of the people standing next to you need to be "Maids." We're seeing more and more bridal parties with boys on the bride's side and gals on the groom's and we are all for it! If you have a brother you are super close with or a best friend that's a guy, why not give them the honor of standing by your side?

4. You do not need the same number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen on both sides.

Just because your hubby-to-be has 8 best friends doesn't mean you do! Uneven sides flanking you at the altar is totally acceptable these days. We make adjustments by doing things like having one bridesmaid walking down with a groomsmen on either side of her (or the other configuration) and evening the sides by mixing and matching groomsmen and bridesmaids on both sides. We can truly make it work so don't create additional best friends just for the one even photo of you all at the altar.

5. Choose who YOU want surrounding you on your wedding day.

The personalities of your bridesmaids (or bridesmen) affect the overall feel and dynamic of your day. If they are all fun and there for the party, you are going to have a very celebratory feeling throughout the day. If they are more sweet and reserved, you may end up with a day focused on the emotion and true meaning of a wedding. We usually see that the best bridal parties reflect the bride and groom's personalities because they've truly chosen people they love being with. Avoid the drama (unless you love drama!) and stick with the friends and family you want next to you on this day and a for a long time afterwards!


To be sure you can fully enjoy time with your bridal party that day, be sure to also surround yourself with the best helpers - wedding planners! Book your Complimentary Consultation today to find out all of the ways we can be there for you throughout the wedding planning process!

Written by Jenna Culley of Jenna Culley Events

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