Postponement Packages

*Temporarily Available*

Are you still waiting to walk down your aisle due to the COVID-19 outbreak? First of all, we are so sorry that you are experiencing this during one of the most special times in your life. We know how stressful this must be. Second, we're here to help! 

By postponing, you may be out deposits or more and may lose vendors you were contracted with because they are already booked for your new wedding date. This is where we come in! 

We are working with some of our favorite and amazing venues and vendors to help you have the wedding of your dreams (even if it's not what you originally imagined!) and not break the bank doing it. These venues and vendors have offered special discounts and pricing specifically to help you out and we're here to help coordinate with your new dream team! 

Postponement Package Options

The Basics​

  • We will help you find a new venue (if needed) as well as match you up with vendors that are available for your new date. Your new vendors will give you amazing service and are offering a discounted price through us because they know what you've been through. 

Let's Still Do This! 

  • We get it. There's a special date you picked and you really are just ready to be married. Let's create an intimate wedding for just you two and then privately live stream it to the guests who were supposed to be there with you. Let's get creative with the flowers, food and favors you ordered, put them to good use and still give your local guests a little taste of your wedding. 

A Whole New Wedding

  • You just planned an entire wedding and the idea of doing it again, alone, is daunting... but you still really want that special day! We are offering our amazing planning services to you but at a discounted rate. We will customize your planning package to fit what you need help with whether it's finding a new venue or vendors, helping you reimagine and redesign the wedding for a new season, having those RSVP's come to us so you're not tracking them (again...) or helping your new day go off without a hitch since you now want to REALLY enjoy this day! We will be there with you and we will get you all the discounts we can through relationships we've built with some special vendors. (And yes, the lyrics of a Whole New World were going through our heads as we titled this!) 


Discounted Pricing: $100/Hour for Pre-Planning Hours; $125/Hour for Day of Hours


We hope to help this become just part of the fun story you tell your grandchildren about your wedding and how a worldwide pandemic changed your plans but not your feelings about each other... 

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