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Vendor Highlight-DJ Hunter Quinn

Whether your goal is to have a super fun party or an elegant affair, having the right DJ for your wedding is so important. They help set the tone for the reception and essentially lead your guests through the celebration portion of the whole day. It's crucial to know you're in good hands and not going to end up with someone with a completely different personality than you and your spouse.

One of our favorite DJ's is Hunter Quinn. We met Hunter working with one of our non-profit clients where he was the emcee of their virtual program. After seeing him in action, I knew he would be a perfect fit for many of our clients because of his charming but professional personality and his love for what he does.

We asked Hunter a few questions just so you all could get to know him a bit better!

What is your favorite part of DJ'ing a wedding?

My favorite part of DJing a wedding is helping bring all the couples' planning of their dream wedding come to life.

How would you describe your DJ style?

My style is to make the guests the stars. Obviously so much of the day is centered around the couple but I like to give as many guests a special moment for them to remember the day by; play them a song, put the spotlight on them for a moment, give them a story.

How did you get into DJ'ing? How long have you been doing weddings?

A friend suggested I'd be great in front of a crowd and introduced me to the owner of a DJ company in my hometown of Milwaukee. I DJed weddings and corporate events for them for 2 years before going off to college, saving my money and buying my own set up. I spent college DJing high school dances, sorority and fraternity formals and some weddings. In total, I've DJed over 400 weddings over the past 20 years.

Any advice for couple's looking to hire a DJ for their weddings?

I ask every couple I do a consultation with, "what's most important to you two?" It's what I suggest couples think about when picking vendors, especially when looking for a DJ. Make sure you have clear expectations with your DJ for the entire day. When it comes to wedding vendors, more often than not, you get what you pay for.

What’s one of the most unique things you’ve seen at a wedding?

There have been so many unique moments at weddings I've done. The ones that stick out in my mind are the surprises. The mariachi band a groom had surprise his bride, the uncle who serenaded the newlyweds, or the surprise proposal one groomsman planned with the couple during the bouquet toss. All such great memories!

Is Hunter Available for your Day?!

To learn more about Hunter and his business, You can also follow him on and @DJHunterQuinn on Instagram.

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