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Real (Pandemic) Wedding: Katie & Joe

During this historic time, we’re seeing so many things about our everyday lives change. What used to be the norm no longer is and people are having to adjust many expectations. There is no exception in the wedding industry.

It’s been heartbreaking to see couples scramble to alter plans, come up with contingency options and then see even those fall through. One of those couples for me also happens to be a personal friend and past Lead Planner on my team, Katie.

Katie contacted me on New Year’s Eve (I remember because I was in the middle of setting up another

wedding when I got the text!) saying that she was going to be getting engaged soon and knew that she was going to need my help. She obviously has wedding planning experience to know that the first call you make before you even get the ring is to your wedding planner! ;)

Anyways, when I had a chance to chat with Katie later that week, she told me that they were planning to get engaged soon but knew they wanted to get married pretty quickly. Like by May. Of this year. So beginning to plan before the ring was going to be important.

Katie and Joe really dove into though and we had quite a bit figured out within just the first few weeks. One of the things that turned out to be really special was that their preferred date of May 16th was available for the venue and for every vendor they really wanted to be a part of their day. It felt kismet!

Then a worldwide pandemic began to creep into our plans…

It was slow at first, thinking we may just need to adjust numbers or alter a few plans here and there.

Then it gained momentum and fast.

Then Katie & Joe decided to cancel.

Then they decided to hold off cancelling and we came up with plan A, B and C depending on how many guests would be allowed to be present.

Then the hammer hit and we knew we had to call it. It was awful and sad.

But Katie & Joe pivoted in a way that I think shows what an amazing couple they are going to be together

for life. They decided to move their wedding day UP to April 24th mostly because they just truly wanted to be married during this tumultuous time.

They reorganized the vendors they needed and got their closest family and friends on board to do a socially distanced wedding on the steps of a church. Katie’s sister, Abby, (one of my past brides!!) did her hair and makeup. Katie got her gorgeous off-the-rack dress from Brides of France. Abby’s 19 year old niece designed the flowers. And Katie’s childhood pastor was able to make it for the ceremony.

Then, on the most beautiful day in April, they got married.

I look at this scenario and just admire how Katie and Joe handled this whole thing. I’m not sure I would have handled it with the same grace and “let’s do this” attitude that they had.

My favorite part of this entire story? When I asked Katie if I could share their day to give other couples going through this some hope her response was:

“Absolutely! It wasn’t the day we planned but I already look back and wouldn’t change a thing.”

No matter what gets thrown in your way while you are wedding planning, whether it be a family emergency, a financial hardship, a worldwide pandemic or all three at once, just know that your wedding is going to be special and amazing even if it looks slightly different than planned.

Congratulations Katie & Joe!!

Photos by Rachel Lahlum Photography

Written by Owner & Event Planner

Jenna Culley of Jenna Culley Events

Photo by Jeannine Marie Photography

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