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Cute Postponement Cards (that won't make you cry!)

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I can honestly say that I didn’t think this was a blog post I would ever need to write! Throughout my career as a wedding planner, I’ve had very few couples need to postpone their wedding. But with the coronavirus Pandemic hitting, I have quickly become well versed in all things needed to postpone a wedding. (In fact, I wrote a blog post on 5 Steps to Postpone your Wedding due to Coronavirus so check that out!)

One of those things is notifying your guests. Especially if you have sent save the dates or invitations already. A lot of couples have started by posting on their social media accounts as well as the ol’ word of mouth train both of which are a great start.

But, to be honest, you won’t know if you caught everyone on the list with either method. And if you want to send an email, you will need to go through and start collecting all of those email addresses which just sounds like the last thing you want to do while also working on postponing your wedding.

The one piece of information you have already painstakingly gathered is everyone’s address. Because of that, the simplest thing

to do is to send out a postponement card.

The first question I usually get around this topic is “what is the etiquette” or “how should these be worded?” The truth is, there isn’t really an etiquette to what goes on a postponement card due to a pandemic causing you to postpone your wedding! There hasn’t been one in about 100 years and weddings were a tad bit different at that time.

BUT I have consulted with some local stationary vendors and combined that with my own advice on what information to include in these cards.

(I just love these simple black and white Change the Date cards by Kristina Designz!)

Postponing versus Cancelling: Be sure to make it clear whether you are cancelling the wedding all together or you are postponing to another date. If you are cancelling your big wedding and switching to a smaller ceremony, guests may still want to send their congratulations or a gift (and you don’t want to miss out on those!) However, if you are postponing all together or eloping and having a reception later, guests may wait and bring a gift then.

Your New Wedding Date: If you know your new date, turn it into a Postponement/Save the NEW date card! This will save you having to communicate an updated plan to everyone again and will help be sure that more of your guests save your new date. Also, well-meaning guests may continue to follow up with you on this information if you don’t include it (and who needs to answer 25 texts or messages a day about THAT?)

If you don’t know your new date yet: Let guests know that you haven’t set your new date but give them a resource like a wedding website or a Facebook group to join to check for updates on when that will be. (Again, no one needs 75 texts a day about this!) That way, you aren’t having to send another save the date and can simply send an invite once you do know the date.

What about if your wedding is still on?! If you are still planning to get married on your original date but are getting those 325 texts a day answering questions about if you are still getting married on your original date, consider sending a “We’re still on!” card. This will help notify guests that you are moving forward and they should still save that date! It’s also helpful to point them to your wedding website for any updates if you do end up having to postpone. By doing this, you’ll already be one step ahead of the game if that does indeed have to happen.

I also want to put in a quick plug here about utilizing some of these small businesses that have so graciously given me some of their designs to include in this post as ideas for all of you. If you are going to send Postponement Cards, Save the Dates or “We’re Still On!” cards anyways, please consider using a small local business. This will not only spur your local economy and help out a small business owner but you will also get way better service and have someone there guiding you through this process. It’s also, most likely, way less expensive than you think and will truly make the experience better for you all around. Each design is linked to the person who created it or you can check out these fabulous ladies and their businesses here:

Hunt Wright Designs

Epitome Papers

Kristina Designz

I hope this helps make the postponement process a little bit easier for you! And, well, ok, it still may make you cry to send them but if you are going to do something hard, they might as well be cute while you do it!

Written by Jenna Culley

Owner & Event Planner

Jenna Culley Events

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