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Life Celebrations & Funerals

Our goal with any event is about personalization. With Life Celebrations, it’s about more than just following a checklist of items to have a funeral; it’s about creating a celebration that captures the essence of a special person and allows loved ones to grieve in a meaningful way that will be remembered.  


The planning of the event itself is a journey of love and grief and we want to walk alongside you in that. We will be both the person who makes your vision a reality and will be the voice of reason as important financial decisions need to be made. 


We feel these events are very much like a sunset; they are both the end of something and beautiful all at the same time. Which is why we call this branch of our business, Sunset Celebrations. 


Sunset Celebrations is spearheaded by Lead Planner, Leah Gangl, and was started because of her passion for making a loss into a celebration of people that will never be forgotten. Leah has experienced the loss of close loved ones in her personal life, the frugality to guide you through the financial decisions necessary and an unending amount of love and empathy that makes her the ideal person to cry with, laugh with and celebrate these amazing people with. 


Please contact Leah directly to inquire on availability and get your customized proposal. 


Pricing is customized and starts at $1,500.

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