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Heirloom Head Table

Picture this - you are at home fifteen years after your wedding and as your 10 year old child sets the table, she asks “Mom, why do we always use these plates for special occasions?” And then you launch into the story about how they were used at your wedding and will forever be a little bit more special to you because of that. She, of course, quickly says that she wants them after you are gone (so that none of her siblings can claim them) and it brings a smile to your face knowing that a piece of your wedding day will be carried on throughout the generations. 


This is what we are creating with The Heirloom Head Table service. 


On top of that, there’s a bit of practicality in purchasing something for your home and also being able to use it at your wedding rather than renting those same items. We love that this combines design with sentimentality and practicality to create something very special.  


We customize how involved this gets based on your needs and wants. We can keep it as simple as sourcing the perfect place setting that both complements your home and your wedding design or we dive all in and help source a custom-built table that fits your space and is utilized as a portion of your head table. Either way, it will create a personalization of your wedding that cannot be matched with rentals. 


Currently, we are only offering this service to our clients. Please reach out for custom pricing.

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